Episode 31

30 - Illness Woes & Park Pros

Blabbering: Babies!

Welcome to Episode 30 - Illness Woes & Park Pros 🎢🤧

Episode 30 navigates the chaotic combination of sick days and park adventures, offering a humorous and heartfelt glimpse into our week. Here's what to expect:

1️⃣ Sick Day Struggles: We kick off the episode with Tilly's battle with illness and how it almost derailed our plans for recording. 🤒🛌

2️⃣ Sleepy Shenanigans: Zola's unpredictable sleep patterns keep us on our toes, making evenings a rollercoaster of tired parents and baby cuddles. 😴🍼

3️⃣ Park Parenting: Dive into Dan's hilarious observations of different parenting styles at the local park, from helicopter mums to carefree dads. 🏞️👶

4️⃣ Constipation Chronicles: Hear the messy but amusing story of Zola's digestive adventures and the challenges of baby constipation. 💩🤦‍♀️

5️⃣ Travel Tales: Tilly's upcoming solo trip to Scotland with Zola promises a mix of excitement and anxiety as she prepares for the journey. 🚂👜

🎧 Tune in for a blend of family chaos, parenting insights, and relatable humor. #IllnessWoes #ParkPros #PodcastLife 🎙️🤧🎢

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